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GOODRAM 128Gb UCL3 BLK USB 3.0 UCL3-1280K0R11

GOODRAM 128Gb UCL3 BLK USB 3.0 UCL3-1280K0R11

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Incl. VAT: €11.91
Excl. VAT: €10.09

SKU: PD00127
Warranty: 60 months  (Terms & Conditions)
Stock: 10+


With UCL3 the lost cap problem just doesn’t exist. This USB flash drive features a convenient opening mechanism – with a single click, it quickly pulls out the USB connector. The housing has a simple, classic shape, but the characteristic colorful pattern brings some flavor to it. On the other hand, a modern interface will provide stable and fast operation of the device.


Capacity 128GB
USB 3.0

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