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Thermaltake Pacific RL240

Thermaltake Pacific RL240

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As part of its ‘hardcore’ spirit towards the ultimate in custom PC water cooling, Thermaltake has launched the new Pacific RL240 Water Cooling Kit. A limited-edition LCS combo unit, the kit consists of one CPU water block, one D5 pump and reservoir, one 240mm radiator, six compression fittings (chrome), two Luna 12 LED red fans, tube, red coolant, and other accessories. Together, these provide exceptional performance, unrivalled reliability, and styling to DIY enthusiasts.


Model Pacific PT 40-D5
P/N CL-W056-PL00BL-A
Dimension 97.5 (L) x 87.4 (W) x 289.4 (H)
Model Pacific W1
P/N CL-W022-CU00BL-A
Dimension 60 H * 54 W* 16 L mm
Model Pacific RL Series
P/N CL-W012-AL00BL-A
Dimension 282.5 (L) x 129 (W) x 64 (H)
Model Pacific Fitting Series
P/N CL-W030-CA00SL-A (Chrome )
Dimension ∮25 x 24.7 (H) (mm)
Model Coolant 1000 Red
P/N CL-W020-OS00RE-A
Model V-Tubler 4T
P/N CL-W019-OS00TR-A
Kit Contents - Pacific W1 CPU Water Block x1
- Pacific PT40-D5 Pump/Reservoir Combo x1
- Pacific RL240 Radiator x1 (282.5L x 129W x 64H)
- Pacific 1/2'‘(12.7mm) ID x 3/4'‘(19mm) OD Compression (Chrome) x6
- Luna 12 LED Red Fan x2
- V-tubler 4T 1/2'‘(12.7mm) ID x 3/4'‘(19mm) OD Transparent Tube x2 Meters
- Coolant 1000 Red 1000cc x1
- Intel and AMD Universal Backplated & Mounting Kit
- 24pin ATX Bridge Tool x1
- Thermaltake Thermal Grease x1

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