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PowerWalker Solar Inverter 5000 ZRO OFG Art. No.10120226

PowerWalker Solar Inverter 5000 ZRO OFG Art. No.10120226

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Incl. VAT: €1175.00
Excl. VAT: €995.76

SKU: PIN0011
Warranty: 60 months  (Terms & Conditions)
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The PowerWalker Solar Inverter ZRO series is a multi-functional off-grid inverter, combining features of inverter, solar charger and battery management to offer uninterruptable power supply. Its LCD offers user-configurable and easy-accessible operation such as battery charging current and AC/ PV charger priority. This series works like an Online UPS, it uses double-conversion technology to reduce the transfer times to zero.


Off-grid solar inverter with double conversion technology – zero transfer times!
Maximal PV peak power 6000W with MPPT charger type technology
Can be operated in parallel, up to 9 units
Pure Sine Wave Output
Strong configurable AC/ PV (Solar) charger
Works perfectly with our ESS – LiFe Battery System 48-100
Manage your solar inverter with the smartphone App: WatchPower

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