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Mediatech MT5520 Automatic Soap Dispenser

Mediatech MT5520 Automatic Soap Dispenser

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AUTO SOAP DISPENSER MT5520is a contactless, automatic dispenser of gel soap. Keeping clean and increasing the standard of hygiene has a huge impact on our health.

That is why we focused on easy and contactless operation of the dispenser. No direct contact with soap dispenser protects you against ubiquitous viruses, germs and dirt!

It is enough to place your hands under the nozzles to get the right amount of soap from the dispenser. The amount of soap administered in one dose can be regulated
- there are as many as 5 dosage levels.

The AUTO SOAP DISPENSER has a 480ml refillable liquid soap container. The fluid is refilled easily and quickly.

The automatic dispenser is powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries. (not included). The non-contact dispenser MT5520 is the perfect equipment for every kitchen and bathroom.

Do not use alcohol and other disinfectant liquids!


Automatic liquid soap dispenser
Perfect for bathroom and kitchen
Touchless infrared sensor
Adjusted amount of released soap (5 levels)
Tank capacity: 480ml
Power: 4 x alkaline AA batteries (not included)
Low battery indication
Dimesion: 105x145x210mm
Weight: 271g

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