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Arctic PRO K Cooler Liquid Freezer II-360 111575

Arctic PRO K Cooler Liquid Freezer II-360 111575

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Incl. VAT: €149.95
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SKU: CO00681
Warranty: 24 months  (Terms & Conditions)
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The all-in-one cooling handles the entire cooling requirements - even of the most powerful processors from Intel® and AMD®. It performs effortlessly with over 200 W of heat to be dissipated, which is why your CPU can be kept cool even in extreme overclocking. When it comes to competitive products from leading cooler manufacturers, the Liquid Freezer II leaves them behind in terms of both performance and noise level.


Intel Socket: 1700 (Kit available), 1200, 115X, 2011-3*, 2066* *Square ILM
AMD Socket: AM4
Ram Clearance: unlimited
Warranty: 6 Years
Operating Ambient Temperature: 0 - 40 °C
Pump/Cold Plate
VRM Fan: 40 mm, 1000 – 3000 RPM (PWM controlled)
Pump: 800 – 2000 RPM (PWM controlled)
Power Consumption: 0,5 W – 2,7 W (Pump + VRM Fan)
Cold Plate: Copper, Micro-Skived-Fins
Thermal Paste: MX-4 (0,8 g)
Fan: 3x ARCTIC P12 – 120 mm Fan
Fan Speed: 200 – 1 800 RPM
Fan Bearing: Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Noise Level: 0,3 Sone
Current: 0,08 A / 12 V DC
Airflow: 55,6 CFM
Static Pressure: 2,2 mm H2O
Connector: 4-pin-Connector
Size & Weight
Radiator: 398 x 120 x 38 mm
Pump (w/o tubes) 98 mm x 78 mm x 53 mm
Tube Diameter: Outer: 12,4 mm // Inner: 6,0 mm
Tube Length: 450 mm
Weight: 1687 g (Fan, Radiator, Pump, Tubes)

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