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Microsoft Windows 11 Pro 64bit FQC-10528

Microsoft Windows 11 Pro 64bit FQC-10528

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SKU: SW00077
Warranty: 24 months  (Terms & Conditions)
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windows 10 Pro


Windows is a driving force for innovation. It’s an enduring platform for each one of us to create. And its home for over a billion people to do their jobs, live their dreams and connect with the people they love. Windows 11 brings you closer to what you love and has been designed from the ground up with you at it's center. Featuring a fresh new modern redesign from the new start menu through to the task bar, every sound, font and icon has been meticulously placed to give you fast access to the content and applications you love. Built to bring you closer to the people you love, empower your productivity, take your gaming experience to all new heights and conquer the challenges of the digital transformation that we've seen in recent times. A new era for the PC beings today and it's called Microsoft Windows 11.
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