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POV DVB-T TV Dongle for tablets Micro USB

POV DVB-T TV Dongle for tablets Micro USB

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SKU: VC00398
Warranty: 24 months  (Terms & Conditions)
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Enable over-the-air TV on your Android tablet, mobile phone or windows PC. It’s small, excellent image quality and there is no extra power needed.

Crisp image quality and all the freedom in the world to enjoy it. You only need one small app and the POV DVB-T TV dongle.
And the best part is, no extra data consumption because it’s all working on on DVB-T the over-the-air TV signal!


- Suitable for tablet, mobile phone or Windows computer
- Micro USB connection (no extra power needed)
- Removable antenna

DVB-T: Frequency: 177.5 – 226.5MHz (VHF); 474 – 858MHz (UHF), COFDM demodulator: Supports modulation schemes 16, 64QAM, QPSK; bandwidths 6, 7, 8MHz

- POV mobile TV dongle
- Miniature telescopic antenna (MCX)
- Rod antenna with magnetic base
- Micro USB to USB cable

The POV DVB-T TV dongle works in any country that broadcasts standard definition MPEG-2 or MPEG-4/H.264 video over DVB-T. High definition channels, encrypted programs and/or DVB-T2 broadcasts are not supported.

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