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TP-Link TL-SM311LM Gigabit SFP module Multi-mode MiniGBIC

TP-Link TL-SM311LM Gigabit SFP module Multi-mode MiniGBIC

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SKU: NMC0003
Warranty: 24 months  (Terms & Conditions)
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The TL-SM311 series Fiber Module Cards are introduced for extending transfer distance. Attached to our managed/smart switches, they can extend the distance to several kilometers even tens of kilometers which can basically satisfy the distance requirement of LAN. Users can choose whether and which items to use the fiber modules according to the demand in order to lower cost.


Multi-mode MiniGBIC module
Compatible with all SFP ports on TP-Link product including JetStream switches, and media converter MC220L.
Work with MC200CM with a multi-mode fiber connection
Up to 550m range with 50/125 μm multi-mode fiber
Up to 275m range with 62.5/125 μm multi-mode fiber

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