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Mediatech AntiTheft Lock MT5502

Mediatech AntiTheft Lock MT5502

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Protect your notebook and other precious things with UNIVERSAL ANTITHEFT ALARMLOCK MT5502.

This simple, small size, handy and easy to carry code lock with automatically retractable steel wire is the perfect solution for every kind of notebook.

With UNIVERSAL ANTITHEFT ALARMLOCK you can be sure, that your notebook is safe even if you left it in cafe bar on the table or other public place. MT5502 is featured with a shaking sensing and very noisy electronic alarm turning on the same second when someone will be trying to pick it up. The strong alarm sound will frighten the theft for sure.

Of course there are many other purposes to use this alarm-lock and it is not designed for notebooks. UNIVERSAL ANTITHEFT ALARMLOCK is a perfect devise to protect: door, bikes, moto-bikes, boots and many others.



Technical specification
Code lock with electronic noisy alarm
Ideal for protecting computers, doors, bikes, scooters, luggage and many others
Special adaptor for most laptops, notebooks and netbooks
Shaking Sensing
Double locking mechanism
Easy changeable 3-digits code
Strong, steel wire, 110cm
Powered by 9V alkaline battery

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