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Phanteks HDD bracker 1x3.5
The Phanteks PH-HDDKT2 allows installation of an additional 3.5" or 2.5" drive in select Enthoo Series cases
1 in Stock
Feser LED Module Green
If you want to add more light or else colour the plexi or acrylic tops,now you can add these radial beam LEDs from...
1 in Stock
Thermaltake Core P5 AIO/hdd bracket 3pcs
Designed to support the AIO liquid cooling system for the Core P5 and the Core P5 Green Edition
10+ in Stock
PC Case Switches Power/Reset with LED
Works with most cases with front panel button. Replace your old or broken connector switch. Just connect the cable onto...
10+ in Stock
Feser LED Module Red
If you want to add more light or else colour the plexi or acrylic tops,now you can add these radial beam LEDs from...
10+ in Stock
Inter-Tech HDD / SSD into 5.25
You know that problem? You want to mount a further 3.5" or 2.5" hard disk but you don´t have any further slot? Then...
1 in Stock
Delock 18105 HDD 2.5>3.5 brackets
This installation kit by Delock enables you to install your 2.5″ devices like hard drives, SSD etc. into a free 3.5″...
9 in Stock
Phanteks 4 pin RGB LED cable
Phanteks’ RGB LED Adapter is a simple, frustration-free solution to the upcoming RGB integrated motherboards that...
2 in Stock
Nox Stripe ARGB LED 4m Magnetic + Adhesive Installation NXHUMMERSARGB
STRIPE ARGB ARGB LED STRIPE Triple LED modules Magnetic and adhesive installation ARGB LED lighting
1 in Stock
Phanteks SSD Mounting bracket
SSD mounting bracket from Phanteks
2 in Stock
Thermaltake Lumi Color 256C RGB Magnetic LED Strip Control Pack
With 256 distinctively gorgeous illumination display colors, the new Lumi Color 256C is ideal device for lighting up...
2 in Stock
BitFenix Alchemy Connect 15x LED Blue 30cm
The Alchemy LED Strips are the ideal choice when modding inspiration strikes. These precision manufactured LED Strips...
4 in Stock
Delock 18210 HDD bracket 2x2.5 in 1 x3.5
Use this Delock installation frame in your free 3.5″ bay of your computer to install up to two 2.5″ hard drives.
10+ in Stock
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