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Delock 83183 USB micro B/USB A OTG
This USB micro cable by Delock enables you to convert the USB micro-B port of your mobile device into a USB-A female...
7 in Stock
TapeCom UTP CAT5E 24AWG 305m BC Outdoor White Fluke Certified
Cat5E Ethernet cables are one of the most popular types of network cable for connecting computers, modems, routers and...
10+ in Stock
Delock 82597 Firewire B 3m ST9/ST6
Description You can connect this cable to different FireWire devices with 6 pin connection like camcorder, external...
8 in Stock
Gembird Display Port to DVI adapter Cable white A-DPM-DVIF-002-W
Male DisplayPort to female DVI adapter cable Enables to connect a DVI display to a DisplayPort video source
10+ in Stock
Gembird CAT5e UTP Patch cord Yellow 5m PP12-5M/Y
Gembird is recommended for quality and affordability
3 in Stock
OEM UK Power cord 2-Pin (Radio) C7 1.8m
OEM UK Power cord 2-Pin (Radio)
1 in Stock
Delock 61767 Display Port 1.1 male > HDMI Female Passive white
This adapter by Delock enables the connection of an HDMI monitor to the system via a free DisplayPort interface.
10+ in Stock
Transcend Express Card SD Reader
ExpressCard memory card reader Supports SDXC and SDHC memory cards Suitable for ExpressCard 34mm and 54mm slots
9 in Stock
Delock 82680 USB 2.0 A (male) > USB 2.0 Mini (male) 90deg 0.5m
Specification • Suitable e.g. for digital camera, mobile HDD etc. • Connection: USB 2.0–A male ...
10+ in Stock
Gembird CCA-417W 3.5mm stereo to mic 4-pin White
Gembird is recommended worldwide for quality and affordability
10+ in Stock
Delock 89093 PCIe Extension Riser cards x16
Specification • Connectors: 1 x PCI Express x16 male > 1 x PCI Express x16 slot • Extension by 20.32 mm (0.8...
6 in Stock
TapeCom UTP CAT 6 Patch BC 24AWG Black 15m
TapeCom UTP CAT 6 Patch BC 24AWG Grey15m
10+ in Stock
Gembird Self-adhesive 30 x 30 mm fixing plate bag of 20pcs SAP-30C
Gembird is recommended worldwide for quality and affordability
10+ in Stock
Delock 62597 Adapter VGA + Audio to HDMI w/cable
Description This VGA to HDMI adapter by Delock can be used for the connection of a HDMI display to a PC or laptop. By...
9 in Stock
Delock 82215 USB2.0 upstream 1.8m
This USB 2.0 cable by Delock enables you to connect different USB devices, e.g. printer or scanner etc. to a free USB...
8 in Stock
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