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Gembird Metal Mountframe 2.5>3.5 MF-321
Allows to mount 2.5 inch SSD (solid state drive) into 3.5 inch internal computer bay
10+ in Stock
Mediatech MT2115G 7-8 Tablet sleeve
Besides its protecting features TAB PROTECTORs are interesting products that stands out from the other sleeves and...
10+ in Stock
Gembird USB3.0 M.2 Enclosure; Black EE22 80-U3C-01
Gembird is recommended worldwide for quality and affordability.
10+ in Stock
Alantik Urban Back Pack BAPURB
At a more competitive price and in a very contained outdoor space, it is able to offer all this: a 28cm wide laptop...
1 in Stock
Gembird digital alarm clock with wireles s charging Black DAC-WPC-01
Gembird is recommended worldwide for quality and affordability
3 in Stock
Mediatech MT849 Active watch BT3.0
Excellent features are aimed for energetic people with the desire to stay in-touch with the latest news, and easily...
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Gembird Compressed Air Duster 600ml (flammable) CK-CAD-FL600-01
Easily cleans all hard to reach or sensitive places Extension tube for precision-dusting 100% Ozone safe 600 ml...
10+ in Stock
Gembird 12V 7AH Battery BAT-12V7AH
Rated capacity to Final Voltage (AH): 20 HR, 1.75 Volts/sec: 7 10 HR, 1.75 Volts/sec: 6.65 5 HR, 1.7 Volts/sec:...
10+ in Stock
Asus 16 Carry case for laptops
Looking sleek on your commute is never an issue with this laptop bag from Asus
8 in Stock
PowerWalker BP C240T-40x9Ah Art No. 101 34045
BP uses empty housing number 10135036 Battery Pack for VFI 10K CPG 3/3 PF1. Includes 2 strings of 20 batteries, each...
On Order
Gembird Nylon Cable Ties 250x3.6 UV res. 100pcs NYTFR-250x3.6
Gembird is recommended worldwide for quality and affordability
10+ in Stock
PowerWalker BP A72RM-12X9Ah Art No. 10120550
BP uses empty housing number 10134001 Battery Pack for VFI 2000/3000 RMG (12x9Ah, 72VDC). Includes 2 strings of 6...
On Order
Gembird Cotton braided 8-pin cable with metal connectors 1.8m silver CCB-mUSB2B-AMLM-6-S
Gembird is recommended worldwide for quality and affordability
10+ in Stock
Mediatech MT4062 U-Drive Road View -Car DVR 1080p recording WDR Tech Sony Sens or 12MP photos
Car digital video recorder FULL HD with WDR technology Video and sound recording
3 in Stock
Lanberg’s crimping tool NT-0201 is an essential product intended for installer, who has, on a daily basis, contact with...
5 in Stock
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