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Delock 83183 USB micro B/USB A OTG
This USB micro cable by Delock enables you to convert the USB micro-B port of your mobile device into a USB-A female...
7 in Stock
Delock 82680 USB 2.0 A (male) > USB 2.0 Mini (male) 90deg 0.5m
Specification • Suitable e.g. for digital camera, mobile HDD etc. • Connection: USB 2.0–A male ...
10+ in Stock
Delock 82215 USB2.0 upstream 1.8m
This USB 2.0 cable by Delock enables you to connect different USB devices, e.g. printer or scanner etc. to a free USB...
8 in Stock
Gembird USB type-C plug to stereo 3.5mm audio adapter cable with extra power socket, black CCA-UC3.5F-02
USB type-C plug to 3.5 mm audio socket adapter cable Practical power supply socket Enables connecting headphones that...
5 in Stock
Delock 82577 Firewire A 2m 6-pin / 4-pin
You can connect this cable to different FireWire devices with 4pin connection like Camcorder, external enclosure etc....
10+ in Stock
Delock 82308 USB 2.0 5m extension
This USB 2.0 cable by Delock can be connected to an active USB port and enables an extension of 5 m. By connecting...
10+ in Stock
Delock 82434 USB 3.0 A-B 1.8m
DescriptionThis USB cable by Delock allows you to connect devices with a USB 3.0 type-B connector to a PC or notebook...
5 in Stock
Delock 82689 USB 2.0 Male to USB 2.0 Fem ale Extension 15m Cable
Description This USB 2.0 cable by Delock can be connected to an active USB port and enables an extension of 15 m. By...
On Order
Mediatech MT5105G Flowing LED Micro USB Cable - Green light
Media-Tech presents a glowing USB cable with microUSB connector. The light on the cable indicates the battery level of...
10+ in Stock
Gembird 60W Type-C Power Delivery Charging and Data Cable 1m Black CC-USB2PD60-CMCM-1M
Allows you to connect your USB Type C device to any USB 2.0 port or vice versa Perfect to connect your Type-C...
10+ in Stock
Delock 83169 IPhone 4 USB Sync 1.8m
This data- and power cable by Delock can be connected to the standard USB port of notebooks and PCs. Thus you can...
1 in Stock
Delock 83469 Micro USB3.0 > USB3.0 OTG
This cable by Delock can be plugged to the Micro USB 3.0 female port of your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and connect e.g....
10+ in Stock
Delock 82757 USB3.0 RED A-B ST/ST
This high quality USB cable by Delock complies with the latest USB 3.0 standard and supports a higher data transfer...
2 in Stock
ASRock DESKMINI 2x USB2.0 Cable
Supported DeskMini PCs include: Desk Mini 110, A300 and 310 Barebones Mini-STX Mini PCs.
3 in Stock
Delock 65492 IPhone 6+5 > USB Micro B
This adapter by Delock can be connected to the 8 pin socket of your device. By using an existing Micro USB cable or...
10+ in Stock
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