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OEM UK Power cord 2-Pin (Radio) C7 1.8m
OEM UK Power cord 2-Pin (Radio)
10+ in Stock
Green Cell 54W 3xUSB Car Docking Station CADGC01
Car socket 12v
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PowerWalker IEC Cable 16A C19/C20 (180cm) Art. No. 91010028
IEC Cable
10+ in Stock
TapeCom UK 3-Pin > C7 Power Cord 1.8m
A C8B inlet type (commonly known as the figure of 8) is defined by the standard for use by dual-voltage appliances; it...
10+ in Stock
OEM EU to UK Shuko Plug Adapter Fused 13A
an adapter for EU Plugs
10+ in Stock
TapeCom C13>C14 Power Extension 2m JL-38C/JL-39C
Computer power extension cord connects 2 devices with C13/C14 power connectors or extends your existing power...
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TapeCom UK 3-Pin > C13 Power Cord 1.8m JL-49A/JL-38C
Perfect for connection between PCs, displays, printers or other devices with IEC cold device ports
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Inter-Tech Adapter USB3 to USB2 9Pin
ADAPTER USB 3.0 TO USB 2.0 ITEM NO.: 88885217 Adapter USB 3.0 to USB 2.0, 9Pin. You want to connect your new...
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TapeCom UK 3-pin > C5 (clover) Power cord 1.8m JL-49A/JL-47
UK 3 pin plug to C5 Cloverleaf mains lead 3 x 0.75mm cores – 5 amp fuse. Most commonly used as a laptop lead.
10+ in Stock
Mediatech Lenovo tip MT6268 Works with M T6254 + MT6259
LENOVO PLUG for universal power adaptors MT6254, MT6259.
10+ in Stock
OEM EU to UK Shuko Plug Adapter Fused 13A
EU to UK Plug Adapter
10+ in Stock
OEM Adapter 2x 15-Pin-SATA to 1x 6-Pin-PCIe
PRODUCT INFORMATION: 2 X 15-PIN SATA TO 1X 6-PIN PCI-E ADAPTER CABLE - BLACK If your new graphics card has more 6pin...
9 in Stock
PowerWalker UK 16A Cable C19 (180cm) Art. No. 91010030
PowerWalker UK Input Power Cable C19 (180cm)
10+ in Stock
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